Thursday, November 26, 2009

A view with Camera eye

Dear visitor,

This blog Indian Photos are aimed to see beauty with camera eye. Blogger being a photographer you will find his comments and views in form of photos. Some photos may have slight treatment over photoshop to improve look and beauty of it.India is a contry where traditions and modernisation live togather, Beauty and spots live togather.Our efforts are to share all this with visitors. We try not to write more but only to show more via photos.In the journey of getting photos some of the cities like Jaipur, Allahbad, Kanpur have been visited by photographers and took some exellent picks for you. Some photos you will find here and others at our co blogs. We welcome you to follow the blog which will keep you updated with new post and stories we publish here. We also welcome your comments and other printable assets.

Have a nice day...